Wastewater treatment plant operators have long sought ways to reduce biosolids production and improve process efficiencies. Biosolids handling and disposal costs can consume up to 50% of their operating budgets, which is why Advanced BioCatalytics has developed our Accell® line of products.

Small and Large Scale Wastewater Treatment

Accell® and Accell®3 reduce the amount of biosolids production by an average of 30% while increasing throughput and improving effluent quality. Accell® and Accell®3, both ideal for water and wastewater treatment plants, sewer and septic systems, are NSF Standard 60 Approved for Drinking Water Treatment and hold the IBAMA Registration (Brazil). Reduces hydrogen sulfide in sewer systems for odor control and capital equipment preservation by reducing corrosion. Reduces biofilm production in cooling towers and improves membrane filtration process such as in seawater desalination wastewater reclamation plants. NSF approved for potable water use.

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